Saturday, 19 May 2018

Down the creek with a mechanical paddle

After a certain amount of huffing and puffing and with an embarrassing level of public attention we managed to leave Iron Wharf in good time for the tide
After touching the mud a few times and as a consequence engaging in much revving of the engine we were pleased to see that the ‘blue smoke out of the exhaust’ problem resolved itself and we safely negotiated Faversham Creek and found ourself back in The Swale by high tide.
We are now securely attached to the mooring with minimal leakage.....the boat at least...and fully charged batteries.
Another proverbial step in the right direction towards our departure  Northwards in a fortnight
Here is a picture of negotiating Faversham Creek

The moment of truth

Well at long last the boat is probably ready for launch day.
There are several anxieties preying on my mind
Will she float?
How bad will she leak?
Will the engine work?
Will the depthsounder function? 
.....The list continues....
Anyway my friend Steve says that I worry too much and that everything will be fine. I hope his confidence is maintained after his 2 week stint with me up the East Coast!!
The first picture is of my friend Dave who came for a cup of tea. He hates boats and is pretending to relive a recurring nightmare of being run down at sea.
The second picture proves that Calismarde did in fact float ready for the always interesting trip down Faversham Creek back to the moorings

Sunday, 7 August 2016

We're Back!!!

So that's it !
We are now in Ramsgate and I write this whilst Martha and I wait for a lift home
The sail back was exciting to say the least. Strong South Westerly winds with waves breaking over the cockpit added to the enjoyment
I was delighted that Martha managed to read most of her book and catch up on some well deserved sleep during the trip
We have come to Ramsgate to wait for the next Spring tides so that Calismarde can be lifted out of the water and the leak properly sorted back in Faversham
Bonita has continued back to the Swale and we all said our farewells off the North Foreland after a brilliant adventure to the Baltic

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Down but not defeated in Dunkerque

We headed up the coast this morning to Dunkerque and arrived at lunchtime with a plan to have a rest then attempt to cross the channel tonight
Unfortunately the weather dampened our plans once again when we saw that fog was forecast for the Channel tonight
It is beautifully clear in Dunkerque but I hope in a perverse way that it is like pea soup in the Dover Straits!
Tomorrow we will try again......,

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Nip to Oostend

After a night spent listening to the wind howling in the rigging we were pleased to find that things had settled a bit by the time we left Vlissingen early yesterday morning
After a lively and quick sail we arrived at Oostend by lunchtime so that Will and Lucy could catch a ferry home from there

Unfortunately ferries to Dover no longer run from Oostend!!!
Thankfully they were able to catch a train to Calais
We spent the afternoon seeing the sights of Oostend and soaking up the seaside atmosphere

Today Martha and I hope to make it further down the coast in company with Bonita

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Storm bound in Flushing

Today we have mostly been storm bound in Vlissingan which is also known as Flushing
After a gentle trip down the canal we tied up mid morning then went for a walk around the town and visited the fascinating local pram museum !!!

in addition to the Zeeland Museum.... The crew are experts on Dutch history now

They build huge super yachts here and more importantly the town was the scene of an important strategic battle in 1944 focuses around this windmill

We hope that the weather will be kinder tomorrow

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